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Stratum plus. 2016. No 5

O. Ye. Chernenko (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

Chernigov and the Invasion of the Mongols in the Context of Archaeological Investigations

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Pages: 83-97

This article analyzes the materials of 13th—14th centuries discovered in the recent decades during archaeological investigations on the territory of Chernigov. According to the chronicles, in 1239 Chernigov was captured and burned by the Mongols. However, material evidences that can be confidently attributed to the destruction of the city as a result of the Mongol assault are not revealed yet. Apparently, its degradation had taken place gradually, in military conflicts and armed attacks that did not cease after 1239. Discovered during excavations traces of fires and massacres can be associated with one of these events.

Keywords: Old Rus, Chernigov, Mongol invasion, monuments of ancient Rus architecture, Church of the Annunciation, Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, Princely Court.

Information about author:

Olena Chernenko
(Chernigov, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after T. H. Shevchenko. Hetman Polubotko St., 53, Chernihiv, 14013, Ukraine.
E-mail: [email protected]

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