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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

V. E. Shlapinsky (Lvov, Ukraine)

Moldavian, Wallachian and Turkish Names of Coins and Monetary-Counting Units in Written Records of the Ruthenian Province in Poland (15th – early 18th century)

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Pages: 425-430

The written records of the Ruthenian province (wojewódstwo ruskie) in Poland (15th – early 18th century) mention Moldavian, Wallachian and Turkish names of money and monetary-counting units.
Some of them: aspr-akche, ban, ban dysputowany, lewkowy and constant signified the respective coins, while some were used to signify monetary-counting units as well, for example the triad lewkowy, constant, ban, and still other coins were exclusively used for money counting purposes: the Turkish, Tartar and Wallachian gold coins.
These names were primarily mentioned in the proceedings of court trials between Polish, Moldavian and Italian merchants. Such monetary and monetary-counting units as aspres, the Turkish, the Tartar and the Wallachian gold coins were widely used in Danube principalities, not in the Ruthenian province in Poland.


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