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Stratum plus 2015. No5

N. Profantová (Prague, Czech Republic)

Slavs on the Territory of Czechia and their Contacts in 6th—7th Centuries

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Pages: 97-116

The earliest Slavic population on the territory of Czechia (Bohemia, the western part of the modern Czech Republic) is represented by the Prague-type pottery culture, with 166 archaeological sites uncovered in this region, most of them settlements. The biggest and the most important one is the settlement in Roztoky with its 335 houses, which, among a few other sites, has 14C dates. Contacts between the early Slavs of Czechia with Eastern Europe and Byzantium can be identified, mediated by cultures of the Carpathian arch; and with cultures of the Germanic circle. We should mention finds of 4 palmate fibulae and 1 fibula with its head plate decorated by bird-heads. The author specially focuses on earlier unpublished finds.

Keywords: Prague-type pottery culture, contacts, archaeology and identity, palmate fibulae, Byzantine buckles.

Information about author:

Profantová Naďa
(Prague, Czech Republic). PhDr. CSc. Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Letenská St., 4, Prague 1, 11801, Czech Republic
E-mail: [email protected]

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