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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

A. N. Nikitich (Kishinev, Moldova)

A Unique Find: Greek-Slavic-Moldavian-Latin Dictionary of N. Milescu-Spataru

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Pages: 227-243


The 17th c. Greek-Slavic-Moldavian-Latin Dictionary, which thought to be lost, was discovered in the Manuscripts Section, Central Scientific Library, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1986. Its author is the well-known man of letters and diplomat Nicolae Milescu-Spătaru, who in 1672-1675 served as translator in the Envoys Department in Moscow. The dictionary contains 47,500 words and word combinations, including in Moldavian language – 22,000. This unique find offers good opportunities to study ethno-cultural peculiarities of Moldavia’s past.




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