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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 5

Z. A. Lvova (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Burials in Malaya Pereschepina and Voznesenka and Kuvrat, Kagan of Great Bulgaria

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Pages: 145-160

In the article the author returns to I.Verner’s interpretation of the Pereschepina complex of VII c. found in 1912 near Poltava, as a burial of Kuvrat, kagan of Great Bulgaria. The author uses Bulgarian chronicle Gazi-Baradge tarihy which was first published in 1993 and which tells that after the death of Kuvrat and collapse of Great Bulgaria Khazars had no domination in the area near the river Dnieper. In this connection the author proposes to reconsider the interpretation of the monuments of the Pereschepina type which were considered to belong to Khazar rulers of Turk parentage. At the same time the author puts a question about connection with the burial of Kuvrat not of one but of two monuments of the Pereschepina circle — Pereschepina and Voznesensky.

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