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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

V. P. Kirilko (Simferopol, Ukraine)

Archaeological Research of Muslim Mausoleum-Djurbe in Bakhchisaray

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Pages: 439-466

The archaeological study of Muslim monumental burial-vaults of Bakhchisaray began in late 19th c., with the main excavation sites in Kyrk-Lar, Eski-Yurt, Azis, Hanly-Dere, Salachik. The research yielded information about the funeral rite and architectonics of buildings. The most comprehensively studied site is Mohammed-Shakh-Bey’s djurbe, whose erection is commonly dated to 14-15th cc., judged by epigraphic features of its tarikh and the stylistic characteristics of the building. The numismatic evidence from the deposits of the construction horizon allows dating the mausoleum by the last quarter of 18th c. (about 1778).

Keywords: Muslim Mausoleum-Djurbe, Bakhchisaray

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