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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

I. D. Zabunov (Kishinev, Moldova)

Revival and Development of National Cultural Values. A Way to Substantiate Ethnic and Civil Identity in Multiethnic Moldova (notes on V.P. Stepanov’s Monograph)

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Pages: 617-619

In his monograph, V. P. Stepanov has dealt with a rather sensitive problem of ethnic and civil identity in its complexity and diversity. The book provides rather good evidence for the fact that the Ukrainian community “gave up” its traditionalism to as far as factors of development of purely ethnocultural interests for the sake of establishing peace and consent in society and promoting Moldova’s image in its pro-European aspirations. The monograph on Ukrainians –second largest ethnic group in Moldova – shall be an impetus for raising scientific interest to history of national-cultural movements and every ethnocultural aspect of the modern Moldovan society.

Keywords: National Cultural Values


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