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Stratum Plus. 2001-2002. №6

S. N. Travkin (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Penetration of Foreign Coins into South-Eastern Europe in 13th – Early 17th Centuries

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Pages: 218-303

The article is based on broad material evidence collected by the author from numismatic publications of different countries, and studies peculiarities of penetration of foreign coins into South-Eastern Europe in 13th – early 17th centuries. An analysis of the massive of numismatic data reveals main tendencies in circulation of foreign coins in the region. It shows the desire to supply the market with monetary mass and to get rid of dictatorship of political catastrophes in the financial sector. Besides, the foreign monetary mass was characterized by heterogeneity, periodical change of capacity of different streams and development of use of old coins. The monetary circulation in South-Eastern Europe showed a peculiar dynamic balance of the range of political and financial actors.


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