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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

I. V. Sapozhnikov (Odessa, Ukraine)

Mission of Lafitte-Clavé in Ochakov district and Budjak area in 1784-1789

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Pages: 493-502

The article is dedicated to the activity of military ingeneer Lafitte-Clavé (1750-1793) in the Nothern area attached to the Black Sea coast. Lafitte-Clavé attended the region three times. His first trip from Konstantinopol to Ochakov and back in 1784 had a reconnaissance character. During his second visit in 1786-1787 he supervised the rebuilding of Ochakov fortess. Being in the district for the third time he carried out his project into practice – to build up the fortifications of Izmail. Moreover, Lafitte proposed to the «lurks the projects on the fortification of Khadjibey (now Odessa) and Berezan island, bu.1 the plans hadn’t been put into effect.
Thus, two fortresses, which rendered a serious resistance to Russian troops during the War of 1787-1791 – Ochakov (1788) and Izmail (1790) were reconstructed by Turks in accordance with the projects and under the immediate management of Frenchman Lafitte-Clavé.


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