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Stratum plus. 2012. №5

E. A. Ryabinin (†), I. V. Stasjuk (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Bolshie Ozertitzi Cemetery on Izora Highland. Excavations of 1992 Year

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Pages: 51-61

The results of E. A. Ryabinin’s excavations in 1992 in the western part of Leningrad region are published in this article. The medieval cemetery at the village Bolshie Ozertitzi is typical for Izhora highland. It is a cemetery of rural society, that lived in 12th—14th cc. in the western part of the Nowgorod Land. Еру excavations 140 kurgans and many zhalnik graves at the cemetery; 8 kurgans and 5 zhalniks with cremations and inhumations of 13th—14th cc. were excavated.

Keywords: kurgan, zhalnik, medieval Rus’, Novgorod Land, cemetery

Information about author:

Evgenii Ryabinin. Doctor of Historical Sciences
Ivan Stasjuk (St.-Petersburg, Russia). Museum-Estate of Nicholas Roerich in Izvara
E-mail: [email protected]

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