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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

S. V. Beletskii (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Voronoch, a Suburb of Pskov

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Pages: 100-141

“Voronoch” or “Voronach” – one of the suburbs of the Pskov Republic in XIV-XV cc. The town was situated in the South-Eastern part of the Pskov land, near the Pskov-Lithuanian border. The historical records normally mention the town of Voronoch in the context of military activities in XIV-XVII cc.
The archaeological study of Voronoch knows a number of attempts – in 1951 (S.A. Tarakanova), 1956 (P.A. Rappoport and N.N. Gurina), 1969 (V.D. Beletskii), 1980-1981, 1998, 2002 and 2003 (S.V. Beletskii). It has been revealed that the City’s Kremlin in XIII-XVI cc. was a settlement near the village Voronich close to the manor of Trigorskoe. The settlement Voronich 1, almost equivalent in size to the existing village, was in XIII-XVI cc. a Great posad (settlement) of the medieval town; the modern set-up of streets in the village corresponds to the description of the Great posed from a scribe’s book of 1585-1587. Settlements Voronich 2-3 in XIV-XVI cc. made up the town’s posed of Cosma and Damian, set on the right bank of the Sorot’ in front of the settlement.
The digging and the recovered finds documented presence of the artefacts of XIII-XVI and XVIII-XIX cc. on the town place and settlements, with very scarce materials of  XVII c. This corresponds to the desolation of the city’s Kremlin noticed by the chronicles and a sharp decrease in the number of population on posads during the Livonian war (after 1581). The location of the town also yielded a scarcely preserved layer of the late I – early II millennia AD.


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