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Stratum plus. 2012. №5

S. S. Ryabtseva (Kishinev, Moldova)

Jewelry Decorations in the System of Nobility Costume of the Carpathian-Danube Region

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Pages: 297-306

The paper is devoted to the comparison of images of jewelry as a component of the costume of nobility in the Carpathian-Danube region in the works of art dating from the 14th—17th centuries with finds from archaeological sites. The paintings reflect a fairly wide range of jewelry. In this case, there is a small number of images of finger-rings and bracelets, patterned belts are known only by the images of the early period, most common are images of head dress, earrings, as well as buttons and chains.

Keywords: decorations, costume, Carpathian-Danube region

Information about author:

Svetlana Ryabtseva (Kishinev, Moldova). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute of Cultural Heritage of the
Academy of Sciences of Moldova
E-mail: [email protected]

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