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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

O. V. Serov, L. E. Skiba , L. A. Tsyndrovskaya (Kiev, Ukraine)

A Zarubintsy Grave Yard at the Village Luka

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Pages: 53-64

The article is the first scientific publication of the archaeological materials from a Zarubintsy grave yard dug at the village Luka, Kiev-Svyatoshin raion, Kiev oblast’. The digging took place in 1989-1991 by the archaeological expedition led by O.V. Serova. The grave yard is located at the distance of 350 m from a Zarubintsy settlement. The study covered 33 pit cremations of Zarubintsy time and one cremation of the Scythian time. Remains of cremations of the Zarubintsy time were placed in the pit, cleared of ashes and carbons from the funeral fire. In most cases calcinated bones lay in one compact pile on the bottom of the grave, though there are graves with two piles and “anatomic” arrangement of bones. Animal bones can be found among the calcinated human bones, and besides, 19 graves revealed bones of domestic animals without traces of fire. Grave goods (no traces of fire, except on fibula) were present in 26 burials. Seven burials contained a combination of pottery with jewellery, 19 burials had just vessels. Jewellery was placed on top of calcinated bones or between them and vessels in the burial. Usually, each burial contains one vessel (most frequently a pot or a jar, rarer bowls). One burial yielded three necklaces with long bronze beads, six burials – bronze fibulae (two burials two objects each, and four – one object each). The earliest are the two fibulae of Middle La Tиne type, with, besides, five fibulae of late La Tиne construction and one incurved fibula of Dnieper’s head series dated by the I c. A.D. Judging by the ceramic complex and the set of fibulae, the grave yard as a whole can be dated by the late II c. B.C. - I c. A.D., while most of the burials are dated by the late stage of the «classical» Zarubintsy culture.


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