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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

M. E. Shlapak (Kishinev, Moldova)

On the Way of Moldavian Military Commander

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Pages: 473-478

There can be found numerous attempts in scientific literature to identify first builders of the Belgorod fortress, among which the most frequently mentioned name is that of the “master” Fedorka. This name is mentioned in a “khatchkar” produced by Armenian carvers at the time of the Moldavian Prince Stefan II. The author gives convincing arguments, supported by documents, that Fedorca (Teodorca de Telica) was not a master, but a Moldavian military commander (pîrcălab) of the Belgorod fortress, who was accountable to the Prince for construction works in 1440. Later he left Moldavia and became a well-known merchant in Soldaya.


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