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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

S. A. Madievski (Aachen, Germany)

Other Germans: “the Resistance of Rescuers” of the Third Reich

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Pages: 523-574

The monograph by S.A. Madievski is a sociological study of one type of the anti-Nazi Resistance. The people who were then called «Jews’ aiders» and today are being referred to as «helpers» and «rescuers», sabotaged, at their lives’ risk, the ideology and policy of the regime at its key point, namely, the racist theory and practice.
The work covers the kinds and forms of the help provided to the Jews, examines the variants of motivation behind it and describes the repressions against those «aiding the Jews». The study also depicts different social-psychological types of rescuers and analyses their relationship to the German environment and to those persecuted as well as the relations among the rescuers themselves. The monograph offers the retrospective evaluation and self-evaluation of the rescuers’ activities. It further examines the attitude towards them in the post-war German society and the way they have been dealt with by the historiography in the FRG.
The study is based on the testimonies of the contemporaries and participants of the events, the documents of the Nazi regime as well as a wide range of historical literature by the European, American and Israeli authors.



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