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Stratum plus. 2016. No 5

A. V. Maiorov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation)

Russian Princes after the Invasion of Batu: Struggle for Galich and Kiev

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Pages: 49-56

Using the accounts of the Russian chronicles, the author examines the history of relations between the Russian princes — Daniel Romanovich, Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and Rostislav Mikhailovich — with the Mongols (Tartars) after their return from a raid in Central Europe. It is established that the Chernigov princes were defeated in the struggle for Kiev and Galich, unable to prove their loyalty to Batu. The main rivals in the fight for political leadership in Rus’ became the Galician-Volhynian and Vladimir-Suzdal princes, by all means endeavoring to secure support of the Mongols.

Keywords: Rus, Principality of Galicia-Volhynia, Kiev, 13th century, Batu Khan, Daniel Romanovich, Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, Rostislav Mikhailovich.

Information about author:

Alexander Maiorov
(Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Doctor of Historical Sciences. Saint Petersburg State University . Universitetskaya Emb., 7/9, Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation
E-mail: [email protected]

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