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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 5

N. P. Telnov, T. F. Ryaboy (Kishinev, Moldova)

Golden Horde Town at the Village of Costeshti in Moldavia

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Pages: 108-118

The article is a publication of results of a scientific research. The results were obtained during archaeological excavations of 1993 on a Medieval settlement of XIV c., a town of Golden Horde epoch found at the village of Costeshti not far from Kishinev. A considerable part of the settlement has been destroyed due to economic activities of the local population. The article offers results of research on five features: remains of a surface house, a stove to bake ceramic wares, and three stoves to bake извести. The ceramic finds, goods and coins date the studied features by XIV century. The authors believe that the Golden Horde town at the village of Costeshti perished suddenly, most probably due to some military actions.

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