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Stratum plus. 2012. №5

L. V. Pokrovskaya (Moscow, Russia)

A Topography of Hollow Rattling Horse-Shaped Amulets in Medieval Novgorod

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Pages: 159-175

This paper discusses the horse-shapes amulets manufactured by the hollow casting technique from Novgorod the Great. The study of the horse-shaped amulets has demonstrated their appearance on the properties situated in the different quarters of the town. Occurance of this jewellery group in estates located in different parts of the city was conditioned by different reasons, such as belonging of the properties to big boyar clans; replanning of the estates and change of the population. The only jewellery workshop that produced horse-shaped amulets was discovered on the Slavensky End. Topographic analysis did not reveal their mass production in Novgorod.

Keywords: medieval Novgorod, hollow rattling horse-shaped amulets, topography

Information about author:

Lubov Pokrovskaya (Moscow, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Lomonosov Moscow State University
E-mail: [email protected]

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