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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

V. Sukhanov (Dubna, Russia)

Two Rare Coins of Theodosiya Taurica of the Beginning 4th Century BC.

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Pages: 431-435

In the present report two new bronze coins of Theodosiya Taurica of the beginning 4th century BC will be described. Both published coins belong to one group of coins. One side of these coins pictures a head of the bull, the other pictures six-pointed star with the legend ΘΕΟΔΟΣ between rays. One is unique coin was struck twice (a «double strike» coin). This coin shows a activity of Theodosiya Taurica mint. The obverse of other very rare coin bears the image of the bull’s head 3/4 to the left. This coin has the same reverse as previous. The author allocates a series of bronze coins of Theodosiya Taurica. The coin denominations in this bronze series are: the chalk, trihemichalk, trichalk, tetrachalk. These coins were struck during the last period of independent coinage before capture of city.


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