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Stratum Plus. 2001-2002. №6

M. A. Dobrovoliskaia (St.-Petersburg, Russia), I. V. Korpusova (Odessa, Ukraine)

On Odessa VI Archaeological Assembly Participants’ Badges, 1884

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Pages: 339-341

The article is the first scientific publication of badges worn by the participants of the Sixth Archaeological Assembly that took place in Odessa in 1884.
Based on the Proceedings of the Assembly, reports, archives and other used records, the authors followed preparatory works for the assembly, during which the organizers decided to issue a special badge. The Steering Committee of the Assembly in St.-Petersburg ordered 670 badges with ribbon cockades copying the badges of the Fifth Assembly. The order cost 151 roubles and 3 copecks, including badge manufacturing expenses, purchase of ribbons for cockades and sewing of the cockades. Badges were made in different colors – golden and silver-plated, the colors of the cockades were also different. The organizers had golden badges placed on dark-blue cockades (the color of the ribbon of the Order of White Eagle); cockades of the same color but with silver-plated badges were meant for the delegates of the Assembly.
Chairmen and secretaries of sections had golden and silver-plated badges, respectively, placed on the cockade of St. Vladimir – in black-red-black. Members of the Assembly received a silver-plated badge placed on the cockade of white-orange-black ribbon. The collection in the State Hermitage stores two badges of the Sixth Archaeological Assembly – a golden one on the ribbon of St. Vladimir, arrived in 1931 from ГАИМК along with Knyaz P.A. Putyatin’s effects (he was a Chairman of one of the Assembly’s sections); the origin of the second – member’s badge – is uncertain.


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