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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

V. I. Kildushevsky (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Ceramics of Izborsk Fortress

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Pages: 265-283

The author analyzes a collection of pottery coming from archaeological excavation on the fortress of an early medieval Old Russian town of Izborsk (Pskov, Russia). The pottery includes about 1000 fragments of rims, mainly pots, and a small number of sherds of bowls and lids. Only those fragments were used in statistic calculations (735 fragments), which are more or less precisely linked with stratigraphic layers. By using ceramic material from Pskov as analogy, Izborsk yielded 10 types of pots, four types of bowls and four types of lids. No other forms of pottery were found on Izborsk fortress. The codes of types and variants of vessels correspond to the codes of types and variants in Pskov ceramics. The author states that Izborsk pottery is fully identical to the Pskov one and underwent the same way of development, although there are some separate variants modified by the local potters.

Keywords: Ceramics, Izborsk Fortress, Pskov


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