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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

V. M. Zubar (Kiev, Ukraine)

New Latin Epigraphic Records of II – middle III c. A.D. from Chersones, Balaclava and Charax

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Pages: 220-238

The year 1983 saw publication of the book by E. I. Solomonik, which gathered all Latin epigraphic records found during over 170 years of excavations in Chersones Tauricos (Solomonik 1983). But after this edition many of Latin epigraphic records were reedited, a lot of information was added and interpreted in a new way. And during excavations in Chersones, Balaklva and Charax new inscriptions were found, which were published in various scientific editions. That is why this article gathers together all the Latin epigraphic records of II – middle III cc. found, edited and reedited in 1984-2000. They are very important source for a researcher of a complex of questions connected with the Roman military presence in Taurica. It seems that publication of these inscriptions will help further deeper studies of history and culture of the Northern Black Sea area in the first centuries A.D.

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