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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

N. S. Abashina, A. V. Skiba (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Pottery of the Early Slavic Settlement Obukhov VII in Kiev area of the Dnieper Basin

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Pages: 65-70

The article analyses ceramic complex on the settlement Obukhov VII placed on the right bank of the river Kobrina (Stugna-Dnieper) in Kiev oblast’. It is a multi-layered settlement, which revealed layers of the Bronze Age, Scythian time, Kiev culture (III-IV cc. A.D.), Penkovskaya culture (V – early VII cc.) and Sakhnovka-Volyntsevo type (late VII-VIII cc.). Diggings on the settlement were conducted in 1978-1983, when 25 sites of I millennium A.D. were studied. Pottery in each chronological group of I millennium A.D. is characterised by a number of technological features and a specific set of forms. At the same time, one can distinguish genetic ties as well. Despite technological differences, the main types of vessels of the Penkovskaya culture date back to the forms of the Kiev culture. At the same time, despite of differences in the main forms of vessels between the complexes of Penkovskaya culture and Sakhnovka-Volyntsevo type, there is a number of similar technological techniques in ceramic industry. Particularities of pottery on Obukhov VII enable a clarification of the nature of historical and cultural processes in the northern areas of the Middle Dnieper basin in I millennium A.D.


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