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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

N. D. Russev, J. B. Croitor, I. V. Lazo (Kishinev, Moldova)

Stephan the Great in the Context of His Time (Anthropological Etudes)

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Pages: 19-62

Universal interest to the personality of the Moldavian ruler Stephan the Great (1457 – 1504) was stirred by 500th anniversary since his death. Modern researchers, however, have come across difficulties when trying to obtain new scientifically proved knowledge from well-studied sources. The authors of this paper suggest studying the available corpus of documents as a massive countable material containing numerous “accidental” latent evidences.
They offer a periodization of Moldavian history of Stephan’s time based on the quantitative analysis of chronicles, land deeds, epigraphic evidence and other data. It reveals real stages in evolution of the ruler’s personality, which was a combination of pragmatism and patriotism of the outstanding commander, politician and diplomat, and a profound, if not mystic, piety. It seems that some peculiarities of Stephan the Great’s last years of life, as well as appearance of specific features on a number of contemporary sites may be connected with the expected doomsday predicted in 1492 and 1500.


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