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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 5

E. A. Aibabina, S. G. Bocharov (Simferopol’, Ukraine)

On Attribution of a Medieval Church in Feodosia

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Pages: 425-435

The article is a research of origins and attribution of one of the four preserved Medieval churches in Feodosia (Crimea). The scientific literatures has various opinions on the name of the church, time of its foundation and ethnic belonging. Some believe that it has Greek origin, others support its Armenian provenance. The main debates about the confessional attribution of the temple are stirred not by its architecture, but rather by the frescos covering its interior. These frescos find numerous analogues among the sites of east-Byzantine regions in Asia Minor. The authors conclude that the studied site is in fact St. Dimitrii’ church (XIV-XV c.) which belonged to the Greek community of Kaffa.

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