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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska (Warsaw, Poland)

Models of Moldovan Identity

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Pages: 541-565

The paper analyzes Moldovan identity in the context of globalization, social pluralization and hybridity. Moldova is a multi-ethnic nation seeking to forge its own identity. The main hypothesis states that contemporary Moldovan identity under construction is strongly inclusive, multiple and it has postmodern features. The very idea of a distinct Moldovan identity is sometimes denied and rejected by the protagonists of the rival models of pan-Romanian and pan-Slavic/post-Soviet identity.
Moldova is the only state in the region that has officially declared itself as a multi-ethnic and multicultural state. It reflects the mixed composition of Moldovan society, which is ethnically and linguistically diverse. In fact it is argued that diversity and multiple identity are essential features of Moldovan identity itself. This inclusiveness of national identity in Moldova is a special feature which can be valued and not seen as a handicap.
The paper is based on a dissertation written under supervision of Dr Sławomir Kapralski, in frames of the joint MA programme of the Centre for Social Studies (Warsaw, Poland) and Lancaster University (Great Britain).

Keywords: Moldovan Identity, Warsaw, Sławomir Kapralski, Lancaster University


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