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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

I. K. Melnik (Odessa, Ukraine)

A Dniester Boat Found

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Pages: 466-474

The object of research is a part of a vessel found on the river Dniester on a city boundary of Bender in 1992. A detailed study has shown that it is a boat made of one stem of tree (dugout), which seems to have been made in XV c. by means of thermal processing, which is confirmed by the radiocarbon analysis. Using available archeological and written records, the author considered questions connected with manufacturing techniques of such boats, and some moments of their using by men in the Mesolithic. A certain attention is paid to the role of boats made from one stem of tree (dugout)  in history of the Dniester area. Special interest represents practical experience of manufacturing and testing a boat made of one stem of tree (dugout).


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