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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

V. B. Pančenko (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Stone Crosses on the Izhora Plateau (Catalogue)

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Pages: 420-438

Monumental stone crosses appeared in the Old Rus’ in the early 12th century. The earliest crosses known are of Novgorod origin. Several local groups of medieval stone crosses, which have a particular style, were defined on the Russian Northwest. On this evidence four stable local types (Izborskiy type, described by V. Sedov, Izhorskiy type, crosses ‘in circle’, Gdovskiy type) can be determined.
This paper is devoted to the Izhorskiy type of stone crosses. There are more than 40 sites on the Izhorskoe plateau, where the crosses of this type appeared. These crosses are remarkable for cutting techniques and peculiar motifs. The sizes of crosses – from 0.3 up to 3 m, time of existence of this type – 13th – 16th century.

Keywords: Stone Crosses,  Izhora Plateau,  Old Rus’


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