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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

S. P. Pachkova (Kiev, Ukraine)

On Correlation of the Przeworsk and Zarubintsy Cultures (a Comparative Analysis of Ceramics)

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Pages: 389-419

The article studies ceramics of the Przeworsk and Zarubintsy cultures to answer the question about interrelation of the two cultures. The comparative analysis of ceramics confirmed their independence and peculiarity. Presence of a big number of common features, however, does not allow to infer their complete isolation and independent existence throughout the late pre-Roman and early Roman time. Their formation was chiefly caused by the same historical processes, and therefore their genetic ties are conditioned by strong La Tčne (Celtic) impact (the analysis of which, however, was not the objective of this article). Both cultures, to an extent, had one substratum (Pomorskaya archaeological culture), owing to which one can mark similar elements both in Przeworsk and Zarubinetsk complexes, though their number is greater in the former one.
Both cultures suffered a strong influence of Jastorf archaeological culture, but unlike the Pomorskaya one, contribution of the same Jastorf elements in formation of Przewor and Zarubintsy ceramic complexes was quite similar in extent. It seems that the process involved the same Jastorf, Pomorskaya, Celtic and other population, and namely the one which was progressing into the Southern Danube region in the late III  – II cc. B.C. and was known to the ancient writers as Galls, Skirians, Bastarnae, Cimbri.
The results of the comparison  of the Przeworsk and Zarubinetsk complexes tell about their direct contacts, though their relations cannot be qualified as intensive. There were closer contacts between the Przeworsk culture and the Zarubintsy population of Polessye, and weaker contacts between the Przeworsk population and the Zarubintsy one in the Dnieper river head area.
The nature of these relations could be different, but its results got rooted in the traditions of the local ceramic industry. The fact of migration of the Przeworsk population to the regions of Volyn’ and Sejm in the late II – I cc. B.C. is archaeologically documented.


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