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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

A. A. Romanchuk (Kishinev, Moldova)

The South Slavic Influences in Language of Bulaesty Population (R. Moldova, Orhei dis.)

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Pages: 680-688

The paper presents some results of ethnographical and linguistic investigations, which have been held since 2004 in micro zone Bulaesty-Lopatna-Myrzachy (R. Moldova, Orhei dis.)  by «Fun Anthropology» Research Center. The main conclusions are that the Bulaesty language is closely connected with some dialects of Ukrainian language from the Carpathian region. There are strong differences between these dialects and Bulaesty dialect as well. These differences show that relations between them disappeared not later than at the beginning of 16th century. On the other hand, we find some influences from the South Slavic languages in Bulaesty dialect which do not exist in Romanian language and some other Ukrainian dialects. So, the author suggests that the only interpretation of this fact is that these influences had their effect before the appearance of medieval Moldavian state. And we should consider that this Bulaesty population is connected by origin with some pre-Moldavian population of this region.

Keywords: Slavic Influences, Bulaesty


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