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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

A. A. Egorejchenko (Minsk, Belarus)

Main Economic Activities of Late Hatched Pottery Culture Tribes

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Pages: 627-631

Agriculture of the Late Hatched Pottery Culture tribes used slash-and-burn method. It is not excluded that primitive plowing agriculture could exist in southern areas, which is testified by a wooden plough found near Kaplanovichi village (Kletsky district, Minsk region). 
The basic cultivated cereal and bean cultures were rye, wheat, millet, beans and peas. Livestock, pigs, horses, sheep and goats made the structure of herd (Table 2).
Hunting still played an essential role (Table 1). Tribes of Late Hatched Pottery Culture hunted for wild boar, elk, bear, noble deer, beaver, marten, badger, hare, fox and other meat and fur animals.

Keywords: economic activities, Hatched Pottery culture tribes


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