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Stratum Plus. 2001-2002. №6

Gh. Atanasov (Silistra, Bulgaria)

Dorostol’s Eparchy and Dorostol’s Bishops in IV-VII Centuries

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Pages: 210-217

Based on the written records and archaeological evidence, the article reconstructs early history of the Episcopal center in Dorostol on the Low Danube (also Durostorum – Silistra, modern Bulgaria). About 380-383 there was a cathedra headed by the Arianist Mercurianus-Auxentius, disciple of the Gothic bishop Ulfila. With Orthodox priests replacing the Arianists, the episcopacy persisted to survive even the Avarians’ and Slavs’ invasions of the late VI century.
The borders of Dorostol’s eparchy in IV-VII centuries, which seems to have remained active until the Bulgarian khan Asparukh set his authority here, never crossed the boundaries of towns and their neighborhoods.


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