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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

O. N. Melnikov (Nikolaev, Ukraine)

Metrology of coins of Bosporus of second half VI – the beginnings of IV centuries BC

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Pages: 320-355

As specification of methodology of metrological researches of antique numismatics the line of falling of the coins weight is offered. «I» – the weight of the primary monetary-gravimetric system; «II»– the weight of the coins that showed the standard of the weight; «III» – the previous standard was taken as a specimen of the weight in monetary system; «IV» – the middle weight of the coin, that was made; «V» – the individual weight of some coins, that leaved the money turnover; «VI» – weight directly investigated coins. In last weight it is necessary to distinguish weight «VIA», as much as possible approached owing to good condition of coins or calculations of losses from corrosion to weight «V» – and the other weight «VIB», that is differed from weight «V». In cases when the majority of coins have weight «VIB», – application «an average arithmetic» or a method «frequency table» at metrological calculations – is unaffected monitory. For revealing values and monetary-gravimetric systems – it is unique effective there is a method of the selective account of the heaviest copies as much as possible approached to weight «V», and through it – to normative weight «III». Such approach together with chronological and typological a research has allowed specifying system of younger face values of silver coins Bosporus VI-IV centuries up to AD. The role of the image of an ant as chronologically consecutive attribute of distinction of three face values the an became clear. The changing Aiginetic system to Persian weight system Bosporus from the 70th of the V century B.C. up to AD is proved. The denomination of the smallest face values took place with it. In the addition the electrum stater Kyzikos phenomenon is explored as a metrological co-ordinator of the monetary-gravimetric systems of Greece and Black sea region. The basis of gravimetric gradations of composition of the metal of the electrum stater Kyzikos was the reason of the appearing of the Aigina’s, Persian and Attic systems.


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