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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

M. V. Elnikov (Zaporoji , Ukraine)

Image of the Dragon-Serpent on the Golden Horde Earrings: Cultural and Chronological Perspective

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Pages: 410-420

The author examines cultural and chronological aspects of attribution of earrings with the head of dragon-serpent dated by the Golden Horde time. Their time of existence is determined as 1325 – 1430. Azak and cities of Volga and Mokcha were the place of their production. The image of dragon derived from the Chinese and bore the meaning of good wishes, and was also related to sun symbolism and immortality. Wide distribution of this type is explained by the fact that the image of the dragon had been well known among the many peoples involved in the Golden Horde.

Keywords: Dragon-Serpent on the Golden Horde Earrings, Azak, cities of Volga, Mokcha


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