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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

O. V. Sharov (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Cross-Bar Fibula from Staraya Ladoga

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Pages: 216-242

The article treats a unique for an early medieval site find of a bronze Roman fibula coming from the cultural stratum of Zemlyanoe – the fort of Staraya Ladoga. Morphological and technological analysis, as well as a wide circle of analogies attributed this buckle to north-eastern Baltic Sprossenfibeln (cross-bar fibula). The Staraya Ladoga fibula dated by 3rd c. AD is the most extreme north-eastern find in the area of distribution of such buckles today. As for the history of Sprossenfibeln, one can distinguish at least 4 stages in it, and in different regions the features of its distribution are very much different.

Keywords: Cross-Bar Fibula, Staraya Ladoga, Zemlyanoe, Sprossenfibeln


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