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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

E. P. Mikhailova (St.-Petersburg, Russia)

Burials of Pskov Long Barrows Culture: Distribution of Goods

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Pages: 18-30

The article treats chronology, periodization and distribution of goods attributed to Pskov Long Barrows Culture (PLBC) found in the forest zone of Eastern Europe. The author examined data about over 300 burials with goods. Of these, only 160 complexes contained more or less expressive sets of goods. These are burials which yielded: а) female adornments, б) elements of male costume, в) remains of horses with bridle. The author distinguishes several sets of goods that are more or less stable in PLBC burials. The brightest of these sets share some common features. These are adornments made of thin bronze sheet with embossed ornament (plates, holders of belt buckles, buckles-shells, etc.) These pieces can be regarded as ethnographic marker of the population who left Pskov Long Barrows.

Keywords: Burials, Pskov Long Barrows Culture


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