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Stratum plus. 2003-2004. №6

A. A. Begovatkin (Saransk, Russia)

Burials with Heraldic Pendants from Kelgynino Grave Yard in Mordovia

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Pages: 447-450

The author publishes two heraldic pendants found in Kelgynino grave yard (bank of the Chiush river in Mordovia, Russian Federation). On both objects cast of bronze in one mould there are paired signs of Old Russian Rurik dynasty. One belonged to the duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich, the other – to his elder son Vysheslav, the ruler of Novgorod. If appearance of these pendants in Middle Volga basin is connected with the trade agreement set between the Old Russia and the Volga Bulgaria then they can be dated by 1106-1110.


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