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Stratum Plus. 2001-2002. №6

V. I. Tsvirkun (Kishinev, Moldova – Ankara, Turkey)

Records on History of Chisinau Eparchy in the First Half of XIX c.

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Pages: 429-436

The author publishes and comments an interesting and unavailable for large public historical record concerning the Kishinev Eparchy that was established soon after creation of the Bessarabian oblast’ within the Russian Empire (1813). This record is «Ecclesiastical, Historical and Statistical Description of the Kishinev Eparchy» by the archpriest Vasilii Purishkevich. It embraces a fifty-year period of the eparchy’s history since late XVIII to the middle of XIX century. This historical record is important and interesting because it contains new statistical, and, what is even more important, cultural and historical data, which have not been yet subject of scientific research.


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