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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

A. S. Kostsova

Monastic Books as a Source of Genealogical Accounts (illustrated by a book from Kozheozersky Monastery)

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Pages: 544-559

The accounts of monastic books have been used as a data source about some known dynasties.  These data have been most widely used by S.B. Veselovsky [1975]. Unfortunately, this most interesting group of genealogical sources is underused by modern researchers.
One of the monastic books, which in 17th-18th centuries belonged to the Kozheozersky Theophany Monastery, is now kept in the Section of the Russian Culture History of the State Hermitage. While this manuscript was prepared for publication, some previously unknown data were revealed about representatives of Moscow dynasties of Prozorovsky, Lvov, Matyushkin, Kurakin, etc. These data are presented in this article.

Keywords: Monastic Books, Genealogical, Kozheozersky Theophany Monastery


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