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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

O. N. Melnikov (Nikolaev, Ukraine)

The archaic period and stage of early classics in numismatics of Cimmerian Bosporus

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Pages: 174-234

The author discovers emergence of coin mintage in Cimmerian Bosporus about 543 B.C. All early Bosporus issues were traditionally attributed to Panticapaeum. The author suggests some criteria to divide these issues into two coin groups – Panticapaeum and Apollo coin unions. Parallel mintage of these coin centers is observed from 540-30s B. C to 438 B. C. The author specifies chronology of the issues by types and series. He identified the place of the mintage of the Apollo coin center – a separate mint establishment of the Apollo temple in Panticapaeum and, probably, Hermonassa’s mint establishment in 420-400 B. C. Apollo’s coins presented the trade and economic union of the Bosporus region and were intended for the interior needs of the region. The author reveals appearance of new issues without legend in the new coin centers of Hermonassa, ymphaeum and Theodosia, Bosporus, in the 6-5th cc. B.C. 

Keywords: numismatics, Cimmerian Bosporus, Panticapaeum and Apollo, Hermonassa, Theodosia

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