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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №5

A. Paroń (Wrocław, Poland)

Participation of Byzantine Diplomats in Murder of Knyaz Svyatoslav Igorevich. Contribution to Rus’-Byzantine Relations in 950-1000

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Pages: 494-499

The main purpose of this paper was to highlight the real role of the Byzantine diplomacy in the events of 971-972, closely combined with the Russian prince’s death. Having analyzed the main Byzantine and Russian sources (Leo the Deacon’s History, John Skylitzes’ and John Zonaras’ Cronicles, Povest’ vremennykh let’), the author states that Svyatoslav’s murder was the result of the Petchenegers’ independent political initiative. The nomads took vengeance on him for death of their fellow-tribesmen, Svyatoslav’s allies in the failed campaign against Byzantium (969-971), separatist peace-treaty with Constantinople and probably defeat by Kiev in 968. The victory over Svyatoslav gave the Byzantines chance to resume the good relationship with Rus’, typical for the time of Princess Olga’s regency (945-964). Therefore, Constantinople wasn’t interested in Svyatoslav’s death, but rather in his safe return to Rus’.

Keywords: Byzantine Diplomats, Murder of Knyaz Svyatoslav


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