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Stratum Plus. 2000. № 6

N. D. Russev (Kishinev, Moldova)

Moldavian Coins of Late XIV – first third of XV cc. (Peculiarities of Distribution)

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Pages: 204-219


The article researches topography of findings of early Moldavian coins emitted during the rule of Petru I Mushat (1375-1391), Stefan I Mushat (1394-1399) and Alexandru I cel Bun (1400-1432). The analysis of numismatic artefacts revealed four areas of their distribution: 1) Moldavia’s territory divided into two historical regions by the river Prut; 2) Dobrogea; 3) Wallachia; 4) Polish-Lithuanian possessions. The study showed that in each of the regions Moldavian coins played a special role which reflected peculiar historical destinies of the regions and the nature of their connections with Moldavia in late XIV – first third of XV cc.

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