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Stratum plus. 2005-2009. №6

N. D. Russev (Kishinev, Moldova), A. I. Mussurov (Tiraspol, Moldova)

A Hoard of 13th Century Coins from Turunchuk Island in the Mouth of the Dniester River

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Pages: 380-387

A hoard of 227 scyphate coins of billon was accidentally found on the island of Turunchuk (the Dniester River) not far from Tiraspol in 2002. The article studies 9 imitations of small module from this hoard, which rather quickly found their place in private numismatic collections. As the study has shown, most of them were issued in the Catholic Latin Empire (1204-1261) – type A (5 pieces) and type B (2 pieces). The other two coins are thought to have been of Thessaloniki coinage of 1208-1224 and an imitation of issue by Nicene Emperor Theodorus Lascaris (1204-1222). Most likely, the coins were brought into the Dniester region by the Polovets, whose detachments took active part in military activities on the Balkans in 1200-1230.

Keywords: Hoard of 13th Century Coins,  Turunchuk Island, Nicene Emperor Theodorus Lascaris, Polovets

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