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Stratum plus. 1999. № 6

P. O. Karyshkovski

Olbian Coins: Mint and Metrology

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Pages: 132-148

The publication is the first two chapters of the PhD dissertation defended in the Leningrad University in 1969. They elucidate some very important peculiarities of coinage development in Olbia, the biggest ancient polis of the Northern Black Sea region during about eight centuries. Having considered the composition of the coinage material, the author proved the opinion of A. A. Bertier-Delagarde that precious metals were brought to Olbia “…from those places where the Pont raw materials and cereals were exported” rather than from the Urals and Kolkhida. Study of technique of coinage and organisation of monetary exchange allowed to characterise, for the first time, the activity of the local mint. Attention is focused upon the role of the financial control agencies, special boards and individual officials. Rich actual base allowed to study in detail the matters of use and change of ancient weight standards in the coin system of Olbia.Metrological classifications of gold, silver and copper coins of local types for the pre-Getian and post-Getian periods in the history of the city-state are developed.



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