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Stratum plus. 2001-2002. №5

V. N. Chkhaidze (Moscow, Russia)

The Portrayal of Amphora – Large Eathenware Pot on the Radziwill (Königsberg) Chronicles Miniature

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Pages: 368-375

The miniatures of the Radziwill (Königsberg) chronicle created in the end of XV century show characteristic features of the Ancient Rus« epoch in tot. The legend about Belgorod relief by the Pechenegs in 997 is illustrated too. This miniature is the number of 155 (leaf 72, revers side) and it contains the portrayal of boiling kissel in Belgorod in presence of the Pechenegs which brought large earthenware pots (Fig. 1). The vessels in hends of the Pechenegs look like medieval amphorae, had been being for IX-XI centuries on the territory of Eastern Europe. A miniaturist tried to represent events and objects as for as possible realistic, but the miniature – painter couldn’t be aware about a shape of package – vessels of X-XI centuries in the end of XV century. He took them from some earlier miniatures, us the author thinks.
In order to clear up, what amphorae are depicted on the miniature, the audher examines of the four known groups of package – vessels, which were imported to the territory of Ancient Rus in that time: 1). Amphorae with arcuate handles (the so called «globe-shaped» or «Trapezund» type) (Fig. 2: 1); 2). Amphorae with collars («pear-shaped» or «Trillia» type) (Fig. 2: 2); 3). Small size yellow loam (white loam) amphorae (Fig. 2: 3); 4). Red loam black-tarred jugs «Tmutorokan» type (Fig. 2: 4, 5). All the analyzed forms of ceramics could be used proper on Belgorod territory too.
Two vessels can not be global – shaped or collars amphorae depicted to their on the miniature 155 shapes they remind the high neck jugs with flat handles or the small size yellow loam (white loam) amphorae. Due to scanty distribution of jugs on the Ancient Rus territory in contrast to the small size amphorae, whitch to all appearances were imported hither on baced et all the author maintains that this very type of package – ceramic is painted on the miniature.


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