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Stratum plus. 1999. № 6

P. P. Byrnja, N. D. Russev (Kishinev, Moldavia)

The Coins of the Medieval Moldavia. (Historical and Numismatic Sketches)

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Pages: 176-262

It is the first work to consider as comprehensively, explicitly and in as simple language as possible treating both the history of coinage and monetary circulation in Moldavia of XIV-XVI centuries. The Preface describes images on coins, attempts are made to identify their nature, origins and meaning. Chapter 1 treats the typology of coins minted primarily in the medieval capital of the state – Suceava. It is shown that Moldavia developed a genuine and steady model of coins, whose changes would fix vassal relations between the issuers and the rulers of the neighbour countries. Chapter 2 analyses numismatic findings of the late XIV – first third of XVI cc. discovered on the territories of the modern Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine. Ratios and three areas of spread of coins of various countries are distinguished in the Eastern part of the medieval Moldavia – the lands between Prut and Dniester. Linking the development of the coinage with the historical fate of the country (Chapter 3) and basing on real data, the authors come to the conclusion about the full implication of Moldavia in the international economic life. The situation tremendously changed in result of the Ottoman conquest: the history of the coinage ceased to be (Epilogue). The two Appendixes either partly or integrally bring the documents about commodity-money relations and coins of the medieval Moldavia.



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