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Aleksey A. Romanchuk, Irina N. Taschy

The Ukrainian Population of Bulaesty and Early History of Moldavian Principality (14th-17th centuries A.D.)

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The Ukrainian Population of Bulaesty and Early History of Moldavian Principality (14th-17th centuries A.D.)

Pages: 144

The book presents numerous ethnographic and linguistic data on a small ethnic group of Ukrainian people from Bulaesty village (Orhei Region, Republic of Moldova). This group substantially differs from other groups of Ukrainians in Moldova. The authors explain this dissimilarity as a result of quite early appearance of Bulaesty people on the place of their modern living. According to historical, ethnographic and especially linguistic data, this group is thought to have come here no later than in the first half of 15th century A.D., however, one should expect even a much earlier date. Their coming was part of an intensive migration process of Ukrainian population into the Carpathian-Dniester Region, which took place in 14-15th centuries A.D. These Ukrainian migrants played an important role in formation of medieval Moldavian state and people. Thus, some groups of migrants occupied the territory of Kodry (oak wood) in Orhei Region. The authors suggest the region of Belz (today it is Socal District, Lvov Oblast’, Ukraine) as the territory from which the ancestors of Bulaesty people came to Moldavia. It seems that Belz Region was the most active center of Ukrainian migration into the Carpathian-Dniester Region during that period.  It is possible that the well known story about Dragos and Etsko, who were the founders of Moldavian Principality, narrates just about this migration. Thus, we can suppose that Etsko with his fellow countrymen came into the territories between the Carpathian Mountains and Dniester River just from Belz Region.

Doctor habilitat of history V. P. Stepanov
Doctor of Pedagogy E. S Kozhukhar

Doctor of history V. G. Kozhukhar
Doctor of history V. V. Damjan

Doctor of history L. A. Mosionjnic

D. A. Topal

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Year - 2010
Pages— 144
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