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N. P. Telnov, V. P. Stepanov, N. D. Russev, R. A. Rabinovici

And … the Slavs Spread Across the Earth

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And … the Slavs Spread Across the Earth

Pages: 240

The book is a monograph written by a group of researchers, reviewing most stringent matters of ethnic and cultural history of the Slavic population in the lands between the Carpathians and the Dniester in 6-8 cc. The book synthesizes information received from written records and archaeological evidence, as well as from a rich scientific literature.
The book is meant for researchers, teachers of universities and schools, students of history faculties and all those interested in the past of our country.

Scientific editors:
Doctor of history P. M. Sornicov,
Doctor of history A. P. Gorodenco

Reviewed by:
Doctor of history A. P. Gorodenco,
Doctor of historical sciences А. О. Dobrolyubski,
Ass. Prof., doctor of history P. H. Pavlov,
Prof., doctor of history M. B. Shchukin

T. Smirnova

D. A. Topal

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Year - 2002
Pages— 240
Format — 145×200 mm
ISBN 9975 - 9607 - 1 - 6