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Stratum plus. 2010. №1

V. N. Stepanchuk (Kiev, Ukraine)

Possible Connections Between the Dnieper and Carpathian- Dniester Regions in the Upper Palaeolithic (with Special Reference to the Materials of the Mira Site)

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Pages: 263-268

The paper is dedicated to the multilayered Upper Palaeolithic site of Mira in the Middle Dnieper basin. Particular attention is given to the fact that most of the raw materials used by the inhabitants of the site appear to be of East Carpathian origin. This allows supposing this case to be an example of a long distance migration of a small group of hunter-gatherers.

Keywords: East Europe, Upper Palaeolithic, migrations, Mira site, stone raw materials

Information about author

Vadim Stepanchuk (Kiev, Ukraine). Doctor of historical sciences. Archaeology Institute of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences.
[email protected]

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