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Stratum plus. 2014. No.5

Yu. M. Lesman

Scandinavian Component in the Early Russian Culture

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Pages: 43-87

This article is a post-mortem publication of Yu. M. Lesman’s paper, in the version it had acquired by 2010. It is an analytical overview of originally Scandinavian elements in the Early Russian culture. The author identifies specificity and dynamics of penetration of Scandinavian components into the Early Russian culture, focusing, particularly, on Scandinavian elements in development of smithcraft (“pack” technology, bundles, etc.) and jewelry, Scandinavian prototypes in the Early Russian female jewelry set and Scandinavian features of the funerary rite.

Keywords: Early Russian Culture, Scandinavians, smithcraft, jewelry, female jewelry, male subculture, weapons, funerary rite

Information about author:

Yury Lesman.
Candidate of Historical Sciences.

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